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Specialists in providing solutions for mold & fungi problems in residential & commercial buildings

Environmental Management Solutions, Inc., (EMS) is a company that specializes in providing solutions for mold and fungi problems occurring in residential and commercial structures. Every indoor mold issue is different from the next and each mold problem requires its own specific solution. Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, EMS focuses on your particular problem in order to provide the proper mold remediation and restoration solutions.

  • EMS is dedicated to providing a professional and timely solution for your mold remediation and restoration needs.
  • EMS has experienced professionals that have been providing mold remediation and restoration solutions since 2001.
  • EMS is a licensed and insured general contractor (CSLB #845600). EMS carries general liability and worker's compensation insurance specifically tailored for mold remediation and restoration work.
  • EMS is certified by educational organizations and professional industry associations recognized by state and/or federal agencies preparing to provide guidelines for mold remediation.
  • EMS has up to date certification and training. EMS trains and recertifies our mold remediation professionals as technology improves and governmental and industry standards and guidelines evolve.


Some of our work

Before / After Mold Remediation & Restoration

Bathroom Mold Problem - Before Mold Remediation | EMS | Chino, CA Bathroom Mold Problem - After Mold Remediation | EMS | Chino, CA

Dressing Room Before Mold Removal | EMS | Inland Empire of Southern California After mold removal | EMS | Inland Empire of Southern California

Before mold removal and remediation | kitchen mold growth | EMS | Southern California After mold removal and remediation | Kitchen mold removal | EMS | Southern California